Electric Clementine


The nature of electric clementine should be exotic. A clementine being a piece of fruit- a piece of fruit set alight with electricity and sparks. Having said that, a clementine, the highly sour taste does send electrical impulses to the tongue- sparks, so does not need any added fire. Adding this high voltage counterpart transforms the clementine into a bloody fruit. A pomegranate or grapefruit. The clementine has lost its individuality and likeness. Pushing such a notion as high voltage and fire into a seemingly gentle subject transforms it into a political statement… A political piece of fruit. Electric and fire should not be used in the same space as fruit. Exotic fruit belong somewhere hot and sunny. Exotic. A Paradiso, with clear and temperate waters. So aptly named is Paradiso, that clear bodies of blue are what come to mind. Clementines freely pop upon the water of Paradiso, escaping the fiery demise planned for such a fruit.

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