This block of working will altar how I perceive my art making practice, staring with a completely new medium: writing. Despite this change of making, I am continuing with a subject always present and dominating in my work, colour. My interpretation of colour had always been completely physical. I had to interject my own expression into the pigment, through mark making, film making or sculpture. In each piece, I never seemed to go beyond any sort of aesthetic surface , never deeper than its outward appearance.

This short set of tasks will help me push beyond this, working through a purely non-aesthetic approach, taking any cosmetic value out. I am going to document my perception of colour, its importance in my life (and practice) and more importantly how that changes and shifts over the next 6 weeks. I am to collate all this documentation in a publication for exhibition, a vast change in my usual approach to exhibition making. I have no specific intention set out, purely just a timekeeping plan and the end result of a publication. My approach with simply be: feel and write. Any format. Any time.

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